Athletic Commission (SNAC)


General Athletic meetings are held the last Tuesday of every month except in December. All are invited to attend; we welcome your input.* “SNACs” and refreshments are usually provided. The meetings are held at 7:00pm in the main Kaletta Room and usually last 1 to 1-1/2 hours.

Please check out our Minutes Archives from past meetings.

*If you have a specific complaint serious in nature, the general meeting is not for you. Please contact the Chairman and a separate meeting will be scheduled ASAP to address it specifically. Thank you!


St. Norbert Athletic Commission Constitution and By-Laws – Revised Dec. 2008. The Constitution is to enable the SNAC to administer an equitable program that complies with Our Statement of Purpose and the North County CYC. This document contains descriptions of the SNAC board and extended officials, rules and guidelines for running the organization and general information about the St. Norbert Athletic Programs.

Board Members

Mike Clayborne : Chairman

Mike Clayborne

(314) 680-4284
Deacon Bill Twellman : Spiritual Director

Deacon Bill Twellman

314-831-3874 x. 250
Spiritual Director
Erica Dorsey : 1st Vice Chairman

Erica Dorsey

(314) 479-4884
1st Vice Chairman
Rich Bardon : Treasurer

Rich Bardon

(314) 921-9490
Jen Moore : Secretary

Jen Moore

(314) 814-4224
Open Position : Facility Director

Open Position

Facility Director
Mary Medley : Concession Director

Mary Medley

(314) 599-3276
Concession Director
Jada King-Menke : CYC Representative

Jada King-Menke

(314) 575-1101
CYC Representative
John Bridegroom : Parent Work Coordinator

John Bridegroom

(314) 766-4015
Parent Work Coordinator

Sports Coordinators

Derrick Redd : Basketball - CYC Boys Coordinator

Derrick Redd

(314) 397-2189
Basketball - CYC Boys Coordinator
Mary Appiah-Boahene : Soccer/Baseball - Training League Coordinator

Mary Appiah-Boahene

(314) 471-1526
Soccer/Baseball - Training League Coordinator
Tim Anslem : Soccer - CYC Girls Coordinator

Tim Anslem

(314) 780-4476
Soccer - CYC Girls Coordinator
Open Position : Soccer - CYC Boys Coordinator

Open Position

Do you want this position?
Contact Us!
Soccer - CYC Boys Coordinator
Jennifer Redd : Basketball - CYC Girls Coordinator

Jennifer Redd

(314) 600-2084
Basketball - CYC Girls Coordinator
Carrie Sansone : 2nd Vice Chairman

Carrie Sansone

(314) 973-9541
2nd Vice Chairman
Jada King-Menke : Volleyball - CYC Boys/Girls Coordinator

Jada King-Menke

(314) 575-1101
Volleyball - CYC Boys/Girls Coordinator
Steve Belden : Golf - CYC Boys/Girls Coordinator

Steve Belden

Golf - CYC Boys/Girls Coordinator
Open Position : Baseball/Softball - CYC Coordinator

Open Position

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Baseball/Softball - CYC Coordinator


Open Position : Tournament Director

Open Position

Do you want this position?
Contact Us!
Tournament Director
Melany Darmody : Website Manager

Melany Darmody

(314) 496-5594
Website Manager
Josh Ritter : Equipment Manager

Josh Ritter

(314) 831-2881
Equipment Manager
Randy Thornton : Asst. Equipment Manager

Randy Thornton

(314) 303-4259
Asst. Equipment Manager
Melany Darmody : Uniform Manager

Melany Darmody

Uniform Manager
Dennis Rauscher : North County CYC Rep

Dennis Rauscher
North County CYC Rep
Greg Forrest : Field and Turf Maintenance

Greg Forrest

(314) 341-2338
Field and Turf Maintenance