SNAC Minutes 2018-9-25

SNAC meeting minutes September 2018


Mike Clayborne

Mary Medley, Greg Forrest, Jada King, Carrie Sansone, John Bridegroom,Melany Darmody, Rich Bardon, Erica Frazier, Jenny Redd, Jen Moore


Meeting started at 7:04 with a prayer.


Chair- Mike thanked everyone and discussed changes that included Deacon Dan stepping down as he has a new assignment and moved. Deacon Bill and Father Jim should be forwarded the minutes from here on out.

The back to school bash would like $200 to help with the cost.

Elections will be next month; we have openings for First vice chair, Second vice chair and the secretary term will be up for renewal. We need someone to help with fundraising. Jen will contact Erica Dorsey. We also need an assistant concession manager.

North county CYC donated $750 to the charity that we give to every year that helps with cleft palate surgery. Our contact asked for $1000 but we will match $750.

Mike sent a list of coaches to Laura Viets for coaches compliance.

Mike will emcee for the mouse races which will take place on January 12.

Jada- CYC- We will be hosting the EBM on December 11. St. Sabina requested to have the meetings on Mondays. We cannot do that because of PSR. We cannot change the date.


New basketball OIC- his name is Jason Talbott from Sacred Heart. North County Golf and Volleyball need to get their conflicts worked out.

North county CYC will purchase a table for Hatty Burgess. Jada will contact her to see if she needs tickets.

Volleyball and soccer conflicts needed possibly by December 2.

Jada and Mike had some conversations about a previous incident concerning weather in a soccer game.

Basketball CYC wants North County leagues to open and close registrations at the same time. Late registrations will be added to other rosters if there are openings. High school age basketball should call downtown for CYC sports. Melanie will put this information on the SNAC website.

Second chair Greg Forrest- October 23 will be the pumpkin shoot from 630 to 8p. Brian will DJ. We are changing the age from pre-K to third grade. The fields are okay. We need a lift for lights.

Treasure Rich Bardon- budget update- the total is $6333.77. We have about $1000 to deposit and need to bill for training league.

Concessions Mary Medley- stock update- She got the cards needed to order supplies. Had a discussion about concession workers, the gym guard, and their duties. We need to talk to Gary to make sure he knows that he should also be helping with concession as someone who can be a witness to count the money. Other options were discussed at length, including paying workers to take care of the concession stand and gym guard positions. Jen will contact Erica Dorsey who has expressed interest in helping out.

New uniforms/website Melany Darmody we will have new uniforms for basketball. Everybody was pleased with the look of the uniforms. They should cost about $2700 for start up.

John Bridegroom- PWC- will look at his list of volunteers

Josh Ritter- Equipment- nothing new

New Business- 12th Annual Basketball shootout will be Dec. 15-17th.

Meeting adjourned at 9:34p.