SNAC Minutes 2018-8-28

SNAC meeting minutes 28 August 2018

Meeting opened with a prayer by Deacon Don.

Present: Deacon Don Funke, Mike Clayborne, Rich Bardon, John Bridegroom, Greg Forrest, Carrie Sansone, Jada King, Jen Moore, Erica Frazier, Melany Darmody, Mary Appiah-Boahene, Mary Medley, Joe McCarthy, Brenda McCarthy

Chairman- Mike

Deadline policy/procedure

Drop and add is until 10/11 but we need to be better at making sure we adhere to cyc deadlines to properly devise leagues. Need to think about separating training league teams according to coach availability.  

There is to be no backdoor communication regarding information/decisions. We need better communication. Also need to update bylaws.

Fundraising update-Carrie Sansone

(see attached flyer)

Mike will contact other committees about basket donation and participation.  

2nd chair- Greg Forrest

He will deal with fields and mole issue. Lights need to be repaired, trees need trimming. Need two new seats for the Gator. Will cost $158.

Secretary- Jen Moore

Minutes are posted.

Treasurer-Rich Bardon

Balance is $12941.71

Need to make sure invoices are done correctly. Archdiocese is charge of shared accounting.

Concession- Mary Medley

Concession area has been cleaned. May and June invoices were not submitted or paid. Invoice for $330.00 (send to Jeff Griner) Mary contacted rep and she will be issued a card that only she and Mike can use for purchases


Uniforms/Website- Melany Darmody

Incorrect order on uniform issue 2nd occurrence. Champ pro could not replicate jerseys exactly. We will keep the batch of jerseys and get new ones at no cost. Melany will put a link on SI play that redirects back to St. Norbert Sports website *look at FAQs


PWC- John Bridegroom

Jada sent schedule for wed/thurs

Drop box still needs to be installed

14 years old is minimum age to be working concession stand

Facilities- Greg Forrest

Greg is handling grass cutting

This is still an open position

Need an update on striking field for paint


Equipment- Josh Ritter

Soccer goal nets need to be attached


CYC Representative- Jada King

Jada needs refs

Volleyball/soccer kickoff meeting is Thursday- remind coaches

Volleyball starts 9/7

Soccer start next Wednesday

Jenny Redd is volleyball coordinator and needs help

Patty Burgess won person of the year


2nd grade player appeal- Joe Klenc(?)

there needs to be consistency between SNAC/CYC/North County bylaws. Upset about 2nd grader(s) playing up without being informed, doesn’t want to break up team, doesn’t want parents to think it’s unfair or have kids play elsewhere


Joe McCarthy noted that training league players can always play up. Usually go by oldest and then ask parents.


7th/8th grade volleyball player appeal- John Bridegroom and Jada had a lengthy discussion to get clarity on some issues. One was how John thought evals should have taken place last year even though parents decided and agreed that there were two 6th grade teams and one would play up in the 7th grade league (parent decision).


The concept of evaluations are outdated and most leagues don’t have A and B level teams anymore. Most register open or closed.


For volleyball, if a player has been a club player within the last 12 months you are considered an open player. Jada can clarify further but (cyc?) is still working out the kinks


Numbers are now low for North County CYC and if evaluations need to be done they should be done about a month before the season even starts.