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Yes, CYC ID cards are required for all teams (except training league). They are $5. Please go to the following link for the card: http://www.cycstl.net

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We are light blue and navy! Uniform shirts are light blue typically paired with navy shorts/pants and light blue socks. Our specific color is “Columbia Blue” for CYC jerseys and “Carolina Blue” for Training League t-shirts. Tip for soccer: try adult tube socks – they will be long enough to fold down over shin guards without pushing them too low on the foot.

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This is a special instructional league dedicated to skill formation and fun! It is not a part of the Archdiocese CYC but still play teams from other schools in the area dedicated to training. This league starts with Pre-K/K and usually goes through 2nd or 3rd grade depending on the sport.

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Parent Work Commitment

You must complete 1 shift per child playing each sport that they are registered. There is a maximum PWC charge of 3 children per sport. The best way to find out how many shifts is to look at your receipt from when you signed up. You will be reimbursed $50 per shift.

Yes, please contact the PWC Coordinator to see about working the following season or if you have any other concerns.

Yes!! The stand is open to all parent volunteers and to teenagers looking to make some extra spending cash! It pays $10 per hour. Please use the signup calendar on the Parent Work Commitment page. Parents – please relate this opportunity to your children.

The funds you supply during registration for the Parent Work Commitment (PWC) is applied to help defray costs and to get you financially motivated to volunteer! The Athletics Department is fueled by volunteer power. The first and easiest way to get a full refund is to work one shift (3 hours) in the concession stand per child, per sport. (Max of 3) Mmmm – smell the popcorn! Another way is to volunteer to be a coach or an assistant coach for your child’s team! Way to go!!!

The checks can take a few weeks or more to be sent out after your name is submitted to the treasurer.  Checks should arrive no later than 4 weeks after the end of the sports season.


Signups are usually 1-2 months in advance of the start of the season. It takes time to put together teams, leagues, and coaches. Late signups are not accepted unless it’s for a training league. Signup for online registration and you will be automatically notified by e-mail when future seasons open and close.

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If you feel that your time and talents could serve others, please consider joining the St. Norbert’s Athletic Commission (SNAC). Coordinators are needed! See the Athletic Commission page or Sports pages for openings.

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Sports are open to all boys and girls regardless. We have non-Catholics and even Homeschoolers playing on St. Norbert teams. Games are usually opened with prayer.

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